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AfterPullback is a trading management software.
Focused on improving your trading edge with the power of AI.
Designed to empower your returns

Take control of your trading journey

Establishing your trading edge is essential for success in the trading world. AfterPullback's core features designed to help you develop and maintain a foundation for your trading edge for effective and profitable trading.

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Strategy Backtester designed to automate your backtesting and revolutionize the way you trade

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Leverage the power of AI to detect valuable opportunities and gain the most out of the markets.

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Automate your trading workflow with AI-powered trading detections to execute trades automatically.

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Record your trades and performance to improve your trading with AfterPullback’s Trading Journal

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Focus on your performance

AfterPullback helps you to focus on your trading KPI - Key Performance Indicators, instead of individual trades. This will help you to improve your overall results and ultimately achieve your financial goals.

Engage with the markets with powerful workflow!

AfterPullback's features streamlines your trading activity into a powerful workflow with professional approach to establish efficient process in your trading business

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Our trading workflow lets you build and backtest a tailored strategy that fits your style, using historical performance and statistical probabilities to determine its viability. With more confidence in the accuracy of your trades and with minimized risk—but also better reward targets! Learn more

It's time to hunt your trading setup - using our powerful scanner, you can detect specific conditions based on different data sets. It can be found on your pre-defined and backtested strategy, or based on various indicators and common chart patterns, with a combination of fundamental data such as stock market cap and more. Just wait until the scanner detects and presents your opportunity. Learn more

Documenting trades in your trading journal can help you stay organized and empowered during your engagement with the markets. Our workflow helps you capture the details of each trade, including the entry and exit prices, the volume traded, and other relevant factors. With this information, you can analyze your trades to identify patterns and better understand your trading performance. With our powerful workflow, you can stay organized and gain insights to help you make smarter trading decisions and improve your returns as a result. Learn more

With the tailored workflow, you'll have the ability to monitor and analyze your trading performance, so you can make informed decisions and increase your profits. The analysis section allows you to track key indicators such as your holding periods, average returns winning/losing trades, and much deeper insights. It is designed to empower your trading activity and optimize your trading strategies to gain a competitive edge in the markets. Learn more

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Efficient Market Scanner

Empower your trading performance with AfterPullback's Market Scanner - you can detect specific trading opportunities based on your trading strategies or using our built-in strategies, developed with strict backtests, statistical probabilities, and proper risk-reward ratios in mind.

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Powerful Strategy Backtesting

The Strategy Backtester is an advanced trading strategy testing tool that helps traders to design and validate their trading strategies. With this tool, traders can accurately backtest their strategies and make sure they are working with profitable strategies even before they enter the market.

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High Probability Trading Detections

Take your trading performance to the next level with AfterPullback's powerful trading detections. Our detection process is focused on detecting high-probability trading opportunities based on on your strategy with backtests statistical calculations of risk-reward ratios, consistency and accuracy to minimize risks, and get the most out of each opportunity.

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Advanced Trading Journal

Our easy-to-use Trading Journal is the perfect solution for traders of all levels. The trading journal helps you take your trading to the next level by providing you with a clear picture of your trading activity, giving you powerful insights to make informed trading decisions.

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AfterPullback logo icon dark | AfterPullback Ready to improve your trading results?

Check our exclusive guide for short term traders

How To Establish a Stable Trading Strategy For Consistent Profits?

This guide is designed exclusively for active traders and it covers detailed steps on how to establish a stable trading strategy.

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Work with 1000s of assets from the leading markets

AfterPullback is the perfect tool for traders looking to take advantage of a wide variety of assets from the leading markets. Our features support 1000s of assets from the top markets so you can find more opportunities and maximize your returns.


US Markets

2400+ Assets

US Markets

2500+ Assets


9000+ Assets


7+ Assets
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Powerful tools for professional trading

Manage your trading activity with professional tools for the modern trader and take your trading performance to the next level.

Develop Efficient Strategies

Strategy Backtester

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Develop and test strategies
  • Backtest custom strategies
  • Supporting data from 1000s of assets
  • Multiple Indicators per backtest
  • Backtest to forecasts calculator
  • Backtest reports
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Extend Your Sight

Market Scanner

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Scan your custom strategies
  • Set scanners based on screener filters
  • Price action scanner
  • Trading patterns scanner
  • Daily market opportunities
  • Custom watchlists integration
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Catch Valuable Opportunities

Trading Detection

Get notified on valuable trading detection
  • Backtested high-probability detections
  • Custom trading strategy detections
  • Safer trading detections based on risk management
  • Trading detections based on technical indicators
  • Price action trading detections
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your goal is to become a consistently profitable trader, the answer is yes. Some stats shows that only 20% from the active trader are constantly profitable.
What those 20% have that the other 80% don't? - A proper trading plan.
AfterPullback helps you to establish professional and proper trading plan, so that you will be able to trade as a business with systematic approach. Random trading based on guts feeling might generate few positive traders, however, how do you know how it will perform in a longer period? You might find yourself trading losing strategy which eventually won't generate you profits. Without proper plan and constant execution optimization, your chance to lose are way higher.

AfterPullback is currently in development. We are working hard to tailor each features for traders needs and will launch in the near future. Meanwhile, please fee free to signup to stay updated, join the waiting list , and grant your account with spacial benefits!

Yes we going offer free trail, giving you the access to most of the features so that you will have time to learn and work with AfterPullback before you decide to stay with us for along term.

We are going to offer Starter, Advanced & Pro plans. Each plan has its own set of features and pricing. We might announce spacial offers from time to time. At the moment we offer spacial plan to early members that joined the waiting list. Early member accounts will enjoy discounts and extra features. Please feel free to signup as an early member to take advantage of the plan. After signing up, we will keep you updated about the progress and invite you to the early access to the platform.

No. AfterPullback is a trading management software, it is not a trading broker. Your broker provide you access to the markets and allowing to execute traders, which can then be imported to AfterPullback to analyze and improve your performance over time. It means that AfterPullback has no direct access to your capital and therefore it is a risk free tool in terms of trading executions.

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We're all about helping active traders to achieve financial success. By partnering with us, traders can benefit from our innovative trading solutions, that designed to help them reach their goals.

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