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Market Scanner

Leverage the power of AI to detect valuable opportunities in the markets

Scanner Process

1. Set scanning conditions

You can set the scanner conditions based on different sets of data. It can be based on your pre-defined and backtested strategy , it can be based on different indicators and common chart patterns, volume, with a combination of fundamental data such as stock market-cap and more.

2. Connect the scanner to detections

After setting up the scanner conditions you can connect it to the Trading Detections which can help you manage the detected opportunities for your trading strategy. It can be by instantly notifying you, adding the opportunity to a dedicated watch list, adding it existing backtest or even executing the order with your permission.

3. Activate the scanner

When all the setups are set, you are ready to go - activate the scanner and wait for valuable opportunities to be detected for you. You can activate multiple scanners in parallel, each one can be focused on different strategies, assets and work with dedicated handling on detection. Use it wisely!

Maximize profitability and efficiency with the power of AI to scan and price action and identify opportunities based on pre-defined strategies.

Empower your trading performance with AfterPullback's Market Scanner -
Imagine having a trusted ally that not only uncovers valuable opportunities based on general information in the markets, but also recognizes specific technical trading patterns based on your preferred strategies. With AfterPullback's AI-driven Market Scanner, this becomes a reality.
By harnessing cutting-edge algorithms, Market Scanner delves into price action, identifying patterns aligned with your established trading strategies, which can be backtested before the scan using our Strategy Backtester tool.

These patterns can encompass a wide range of indicators, including moving averages, support and resistance levels, and diverse chart patterns. Market Scanner instantly recognizes these patterns and it can then automatically use our powerful Trading Detections to notify you with alerts and recommendations.

This seamless integration of the complementary parts, including backtesting, scanning and detecting based on pre-defined trading strategies empowers you to make well-informed, timely decisions, significantly boosting your chances of capturing profitable trading opportunities and optimizing your overall trading performance. Get ready to revolutionize your trading experience with the capabilities of AI-powered features.

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