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Trading Journal

Track your trading activity to stay on the right path

Journaling Process

1. Log your trades

To manage your trading journal, 1st you will need to log your trades. You can log trades manually, or using the integrated trading detections , or you can import them from your broker.

2. Add trades info

Regardless of the method that you choose to log your trades, they will be recorded with basic information such as assets, entry, and exit. In addition, you can attach to each trade important information, such as the traded strategy, notes, and more.

3. Analyze journal results

The collected information will be processed into valuable charts and reports which will clarify your trading status, exposing what exactly should be avoided and what better be repeated to improve your performance.

Manage a comprehensive Trading Journal to track and analyze your trading activity and stay on the right path towards profitability.

Maintaining a comprehensive Trading Journal is an invaluable tool for traders seeking success in the financial markets. This practice enables traders to meticulously track their trading activity, capturing crucial details such as entry and exit points, position sizes, and market conditions.

By consistently recording each trade you executed, that can be imported from your broker or added automatically from the integrated trading detections , you can gain a comprehensive view of your trading journey, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and learn from past experiences to improve feature executions.

The Trading Journal can uncover your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas that require improvement and areas where you excel as a trader. With a deeper understanding of your trading patterns and performance, you can fine-tune your strategies to improve its probabilities and accuracy which can than be automatically detected using the market scanner for your future trading.

This process of self-reflection and analysis leads to continuous growth, allowing you to evolve and adapt your strategies based on real data and evidence from your Trading Journal.

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