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Trading Detections

Automate your trading flow with AI-powered detections

Forecasting Process

1. Create market scanner

Before creating a trading detection you will need to create a scanner using the market scanner . In this step you will also define the exact details that should be treated as a valid detection, it can be based on custom strategy, technical data, or fundamental data.

2. Define detection rules

After creating the scanner, you will need to create the detection which basically defines how to manage the detected opportunities using the scanner. The detection can handle detected opportunities with several methods, such as just notification, or trade execution with automated log in the trading journal which can expose more valuable insights.

3. Connect and activate

After both, the scanner and the detection are created, you should connect them and activate them. When the scanner detects the pre-defined set of rules, it will trigger the detection. The detection can be also used just to log extra simulated trades based on real-time data into existing backtest in the strategy backtester to check how certain strategies performing in the present and not only in the past.

Streamline your trading workflow with automated AI-generated trading detections.

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Discover the incredible benefits of using AterPullback's Trading Detections in your trading workflow.

AfterPullback's Trading Detections can serve you as a reliable companion by your side, equipped with the power of AI technology, focused on a mission to detect valuable opportunities in the markets using the market scanner , then inform you about the new detection and handle it according to pre-defined rules that you can set based on the Trading-Detection-Quality-Score. It can handle detections with several actions, such as adding it as extra trade to active bakctest in the strategy backtester , sending simple notification to your mobile or email, or execute it as a trade and log it in the integrated trading journal for future analysis.

These powerful detections provide you with professional trading workflow and efficient automation, saving time and effort while maximizing your profit potential. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, consider the trading detections to empower your trading journey and improve your outcomes.

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